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The truth of the matter is, I feel so hottie when I get hungry. Hahaha! Bowowowow! Anyway highway, let me introduce to you a food that everybody knows, LOL! This is baked macaroni I ordered in La Union for lunch. The gutom story starts there.


Baked Macaroni is not new to us. But when I asked the staff at the counter what is this, she told me 'spaghetti.' Really! True story! Cute me, I believed her. But she later realized it was not a spaghetti. I also realized I was so dumb to believe that moment. But generally, I am smart. Nakkks! Haha..

But for the information of those who are their first time to encounter the food baked macaroni, this blog is just for fun so better go to Google and bombard yourself with information you can not contain. I am suggesting this because you will not learn anything here. Haha... Go to Google or Wikipedia and realize that this blog is just a trash. LOL!

Cost: 80 Pesos

The cost is not nakapagtataka, shall I say more? Some even cost up to a whooping 81 pesos!!! That's a big big difference! Hmm?

So if this is for a lunch, it can relieve the hunger but be careful, you might not get satisfied with what you have eaten. So if you go in this restaurant for lunch, discretion is advised. This baked macaroni is not good for a lunch.


Where to Eat This?

I found this food in Cafe Esperanza near the city plaza of SAN FERNANDO and Mabanag Hall. They are open from 7 am to 7 pm. They usually serve snacks and not swarovski crystals. Deymn!



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