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Gutom Intro

It's about 4 PM when I am walking down the town of San Fabian in Pangasinan in search for cheap food. I don't know why I always eat. LOL!

Then I saw a man cooking publicly. I approached him and I learned that he is cooking a local bibingka, a delicacy in San Fabian.

About Bibingka

Bibingka is a popular food in the Philippines. If you are a Filipino, you know what's this. But for the sake of non-Filipino readers, bibingka is a rice cake mixed with coconut meat strands, placed on a banana leaf then grilled. 

The distinct characteristic of bibingka is the notched edges.

Cost: 2.50 pesos

The cost is as cheap as tupig. It is 2.50 pesos per piece. You can eat it right away! It is a good source of calories without spending much molah!


Where I Found this Food

Curious where I found this? I saw the vendors in a park in front of the San Fabian Church just across the street. I don't know what time they usually go here. I just saw the vendor randomly.


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