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    [Vigan] ▬ Seafood Pat Pick at Cafe Leona


    Haaaaa! I wanted to shout! Haaaa! Hahaha! This is because it is Thai Food Festival in Cafe Leona on a Saturday Night and I was able to try this Seafood Pat Pick.

    It was served sizzling. How I wish I can also put the mouth of my chismosa neighbor on the sizzling plate no? Anyway, it was so tasty that I wanted to jump. Exxag, I kno'.

    There were squid, shrimps and mussels to satisfy your cheap tongue craving for seafood.

    Don't worry about the price because one serving is good for 3-4 people with standard appetite. If you have voracious appetite, good luck!

    So it is 170 pesos per serving. If you divide it by four, each individual will just have to pay a little over than 40 pesos so it is still affordable, 'di ba? If you want to make tipid, bring your own rice , haha!

    Cafe Leona

    I tried this food in Cafe Leona, a restaurant located along the famous Calle Crisologo in Vigan. This food is served ONLY every Saturday. The food is available starting at 6 PM.

    [Vigan] ▬ Pad Pai Kraw Pao Nea at Cafe Leona


    The time I read about the name of this Thai food, I opted to eat it than to pronounce it. Gosh! This is nosebleed! How come this food will have to make me struggle first in twirling my tongue because I use my tongue in eating? Duhhh!

    So you know what? I opted to eat this food than to pronounce it because it hurts my tongue. 

    Anyway, I love the half-cooked stream beans (I hope I'm right with the name of that green veggie) and the tender beef was perfect! But beware of the red thing there because this will burn your mouth, as in hot na hot! Ang anghang!!!

    One platter costs 180 pesos but don't worry that is not expensive. The serving is good for 3-4 people. So if you divide it by 4, that would only cost yo' 45 pesos each! Ang mura na, sosyal pa, naka-Thai food ka pa, 'san ka pa!

    Bongga!!! I ate this in Cafe Leona. They serve this food only during Saturday and not everyday so 'wag assuming! Saturday is their Thai food festival.  

    Babay na!

    [Vigan] ▬ Thai Fried Rice. Ang Sarap Mo!


    One night I was in Vigan. Yes it was night. Not midnight. It was Saturday, the Thai Food Festival in Cafe Leona!

    So what I am doing here? Of course, I'm here to eat! You know, I am PALAGUTOM and I am always gutom. Tahaaaa! It's my first time to try this so-called Thai Fried Rice. This is history!

    I saw the lemon. I thought it was a dessert and I made it appear that I think it was  dessert so that I will appear ignorante. Palagutom Boy is so ignorante you know. Hahaha! I'm so cheap ya kno' and I don't eat food with cost of more than 100 pesos. Blah blah blah!

    Thai Fried Rice

    So it is my first time to eat a fried rice because I usually eat plain rice because I am poor. As poor as your face. 

    However, even though I'm poor, this is still a mission accomplished because it did not exceed 100 pesos. Bongga!

    I felt very very as in very very sosyal while eating with the non-trying hard sosyal tourists around in al fresco courtesy of the pangmayaman restaurant of Cafe Leona. So I felt so sosyal!


    Anyway, by the way, on the other hand, furthermore, on the other side, in light of the foregoing paragraphs, to sum it up, as a summary, in other words, I eat cheap food but I still appear sosyal hahaha!

    The Thai fried rice of Cafe Leona is only 80 pesos. It was mixed with shrimps, pork and vegetables. You have to mix the lemon juice yourself unless you have a katulong in tow who looks better than your face to do the job for you.


    Where I Ate This?

    If you really read this corny post, you will know where I ate this. That restaurant is located along the famous Calle Crisologo in the city of Vigan and every night, they have the al fresco dining right on the cobblestone streets of Calle Crisologo. GORA NAAAA!

    [Dagupan] ▬ Pork Chop and Sisig at Beans and Roots Coffee/Tea


    Beans and Roots Coffee and Tea

    Yehey!!! After 50 golden years, Palagutom Boy is back to blogging! Anyway hi-way, I was able to afford another restaurant in Dagupan again. You see? I'm poor patay gutom but I see to it that I am sosyal!


    This restaurant is located at 26-A Rizal Street, Dagupan City! Here are the food I've discovered amounting to not more than 100 pesos.


    Pork Chop

    This pork chop is pasok in our mission because it did not exceed 100 pesos mind you! This is enough for one person with regular appetite. To those who have voracious appetite, consider buying at least two, maybe?

    They don't serve sauce automatically. You may ask for soy sauce with calamansi if you wish!


    Pork Sisig

    Another affordable find here is the Pork Sisig which also costs 100 pesos (gaya-gaya puto maya)! You can also request for a hot sauce to turn your tounge upside down! *Villain Laugh* Huwahahaha!


    Other Details

    This restaurant has free delivery at a minimum of 300 pesos. Call them at (075) 540-2166.

    That's it! Thanks for your time in reading this non-sense food blog of Palagutom Boy! Bye!

    [Bauang] ▬ Buko Juice in La Union, Served Chilled. Yay!


    Gutom Intro

    I'm on my way to a town nearby actually when I got thirsty (not hungry). Oh well, well, well, well, I felt well! Char! Because the thirst region of my brain is unwell, I walked around the town of Bauang in La Union to look for a great, great, cooly cool kool drink! And what I've found? It's coconut!

    Locally known as buko, buko is a coconut (umayos ka!). And from that coconut, there is a juice. So, it's a buko juice! hahaha... Sorry guised, @PalagutomBoy is a bunch of nonsense. Please quit reading now. I'm awesome who cares?


    About Buko Juice

    Buko juice is used to refer that uhm, juice, coming from coconuts. #JuiceColored. I saw that the buko was stored inside a freezer so the juice is of course, chilled. Ready for swallowing! Ulkkk...

    Cost: 130 pesos

    So the cost per buko juice is 30 pesos. This is far way sulit than buying a softdrink that costs cheaper but in the long run, will let you buy expensive medicines. And to note, buko juice has medicinal properties. 'San kapa! Sakay na!

    LOOK: Palagutom Boy looks so Hot! (Sabay hithit ng katol. Katol pa teh!)

    [Secret Toro-Toro]

    Because the owner did not allow me to blog about their restaurant, I'm not going to mention the name of the restaurant. But if you're from Bauang, for sure, you know this. This is the only restaurant in Bauang that makes buko pie. Period! K Fine! Bye!

    [San Fabian] ▬ Local Bibingka (Rice Cake) in Pangasinan


    Gutom Intro

    It's about 4 PM when I am walking down the town of San Fabian in Pangasinan in search for cheap food. I don't know why I always eat. LOL!

    Then I saw a man cooking publicly. I approached him and I learned that he is cooking a local bibingka, a delicacy in San Fabian.

    About Bibingka

    Bibingka is a popular food in the Philippines. If you are a Filipino, you know what's this. But for the sake of non-Filipino readers, bibingka is a rice cake mixed with coconut meat strands, placed on a banana leaf then grilled. 

    The distinct characteristic of bibingka is the notched edges.

    Cost: 2.50 pesos

    The cost is as cheap as tupig. It is 2.50 pesos per piece. You can eat it right away! It is a good source of calories without spending much molah!


    Where I Found this Food

    Curious where I found this? I saw the vendors in a park in front of the San Fabian Church just across the street. I don't know what time they usually go here. I just saw the vendor randomly.

    [Mangaldan] ▬ Pangasinan Tupig Seen in Mangaldan

    Gutom Intro

    I am in Pangasinan! Yip yeah yeah yeah!!! And because of this, I discovered tupig Pangasinan - definitely not an Ilocos Tupig or Babuyan Island's too pig! Whew!

    While exploring the town of Mangaldan, I happened to pass by these tupid vendors in front of the town hall! Looking great. But I look greater. #Char!

    About Tupig

    Tupig is a local delicacy of Ilocano speaking communities, and even for Pangasinenses. This is a glutinous rice, ground, mixed with local sweets then wrapped with banana leaf. The delicacy is then grilled. Saraaap!

    Cost: 2.50 pesos

    This is definitely cheapipay. Its cost  is even cheaper than your cigarette stick. So 2.50 is the price per piece. When you buy two, it becomes coco crunch! I mean, 5 pesos. Obvious ba? Sige corny pa! #Juicecolored.

    So instead of buying cigarette, just buy tupig, nakatulong ka pa sa mga vendors! Quit smoking now na!

    Where to Eat This?

    Don't get me wrong, but the municipal plaza of Mangaldan is where the tupid vendors persistently endure the scorching heat of the sun (but they have big umbrellas) to sell their tupig. So asking where to buy tupig in Mangaldan? Head to the plaza in front of the town hall.

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