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Gutom Intro

I am in Pangasinan! Yip yeah yeah yeah!!! And because of this, I discovered tupig Pangasinan - definitely not an Ilocos Tupig or Babuyan Island's too pig! Whew!

While exploring the town of Mangaldan, I happened to pass by these tupid vendors in front of the town hall! Looking great. But I look greater. #Char!

About Tupig

Tupig is a local delicacy of Ilocano speaking communities, and even for Pangasinenses. This is a glutinous rice, ground, mixed with local sweets then wrapped with banana leaf. The delicacy is then grilled. Saraaap!

Cost: 2.50 pesos

This is definitely cheapipay. Its cost  is even cheaper than your cigarette stick. So 2.50 is the price per piece. When you buy two, it becomes coco crunch! I mean, 5 pesos. Obvious ba? Sige corny pa! #Juicecolored.

So instead of buying cigarette, just buy tupig, nakatulong ka pa sa mga vendors! Quit smoking now na!

Where to Eat This?

Don't get me wrong, but the municipal plaza of Mangaldan is where the tupid vendors persistently endure the scorching heat of the sun (but they have big umbrellas) to sell their tupig. So asking where to buy tupig in Mangaldan? Head to the plaza in front of the town hall.


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2 [Mangaldan] ▬ Pangasinan Tupig Seen in Mangaldan

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