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Gutom Intro

I'm on my way to a town nearby actually when I got thirsty (not hungry). Oh well, well, well, well, I felt well! Char! Because the thirst region of my brain is unwell, I walked around the town of Bauang in La Union to look for a great, great, cooly cool kool drink! And what I've found? It's coconut!

Locally known as buko, buko is a coconut (umayos ka!). And from that coconut, there is a juice. So, it's a buko juice! hahaha... Sorry guised, @PalagutomBoy is a bunch of nonsense. Please quit reading now. I'm awesome who cares?


About Buko Juice

Buko juice is used to refer that uhm, juice, coming from coconuts. #JuiceColored. I saw that the buko was stored inside a freezer so the juice is of course, chilled. Ready for swallowing! Ulkkk...

Cost: 130 pesos

So the cost per buko juice is 30 pesos. This is far way sulit than buying a softdrink that costs cheaper but in the long run, will let you buy expensive medicines. And to note, buko juice has medicinal properties. 'San kapa! Sakay na!

LOOK: Palagutom Boy looks so Hot! (Sabay hithit ng katol. Katol pa teh!)

[Secret Toro-Toro]

Because the owner did not allow me to blog about their restaurant, I'm not going to mention the name of the restaurant. But if you're from Bauang, for sure, you know this. This is the only restaurant in Bauang that makes buko pie. Period! K Fine! Bye!


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