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Some say this is from Laguna. Who cares? I ate this in Lucban, Quezon! Yey! Espasol is a kakanin type. I don't know what this is made of (I won't use Google for this) but it's like made of a glutinous rice, or maybe flour. But it is sweet wrapped with powder. Please lang! This is is not a baby powder jaz-ya-yo'-kno'!

Based on my experience (parang lovelife lang), espasol was wrapped in paper. I bought this inside the bus. I also ate this inside the bus.

Espasol is not necessarily made from Lucban. Some are made from Laguna and some parts of Quezon like Tayabas City. But espasol abounds here due to the Kamay ni Hesus, a popular pilgrimage site. Of course, vendors take advantage of the huge market of pilgrims.

Cost: 100 pesos for 3 packs (and it depends)

Well it depends on who made it. Some offer 4 packs per 100 pesos. By the way that's not my nail above. It's the vendor's.

Where to Eat this?

Well you don't need to go to restaurant just to eat espasol. This is sold by vendors inside buses and in some popular sites like Kamay ni Hesus in Lucban. So, don't ya worry. You can eat this everywhere!


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