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Kawbin's Restaurant

I felt like I wanted to cry when I discovered this restaurant. I wanted to cry not because I am a former dramatic actor (for blog purposes only, shhhh) and not because this restaurant is sentimental but because I was sooo hungry! Akala mo ha! 'Wag kang assuming! Juicecolored! Opkors, who won't cry if you have nothing to eat? But because I found this restaurant, I only 'wanted' to cry, so I did not cry at all. Juicecolored.

Kawbin's is I think a favorite food house in San Fernando because compared with other restaurants I've visited in La Union which are nilalangaw na talaga because of few customers, this one is so bonggang bonggang Bongbong! Well, this is based on my experience. I don't know how it will turn out to you. Baka naman you went here during closing time. Of course, there will be no customers. Juicecolored. Kain pa ng mais at popcorn!

The genre of this restaurant is oriental, like more of Chinese food. So pamper yourself with Chinese flavors because definitely, these food were NEVER made in China. Juicecolored!

Location, Address, Opening and Closing Time

Kawbin's opens from 9am to 10 pm located along Quezon Avenue (National Highway) in the city of San Fernando in La Union.

What to Expect

I said this is an oriental restaurant. So expect that you are obobs if you're looking for pasta here. Don't expect burgers! Don't expect shawarma and everything under the sun, and the moon and the sky! Kalmaaaaaa!

What to Eat Here? Cheaper than 100 pesos



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