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About Lugaw 

Lugaw is not new to every Filipino because Filipinos eat lugaw when they have nothing to eat. This is a sad reality though especially to those poor Filipinos. But, let's be happy! Because every rich and poor can eat lugaw! In Lingayen, they also have lugawww! 

Ok, lugaw is made of rice with extra water to make it more fluid (ahh! I don't kow how to describe, duhhh!). Basta, this is rice, with extra water so as not to make it dry! 'Yun ng 'yon! Tahaaaa! Juicecolored.

This lugaw I ate has meat toppings, some herbs (onion leaves, I think) and egg.

Cost: 26 pesos

As far as I remember, the lugaw I ate costed 26 pesos (with egg). Without the egg, it is cheaper. This served as my dinner. Promise, it was a cheap dinner that can make your world go round! #Char!

Where to Eat this?

Well, I ate this along the Avenida Rizal East in Lingayen just in front of the Lingayen Parish Church. These food stalls appear at night, like starting from about 6 pm daily. They are there until midnight!


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