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"There is also another Jollibee nearby but who cares. Besides, we are craving with the KFC chicken although Chicken Joy of Jollibee is also nice too."

Franchising business in the Philippines is really very healthy and vibrant because almost every city and key towns in the country are filled with fastfood chains which are all under in one name. And to note, international fastfood franchises are very plenty in the Philippines compared to other country which only have 10 branches of McDonalds and 5 KFC. The Philippines can not surely handle that being a culture linked with family bonding and food!

In a long hours of drive from Vigan to Manila, stop overs are really highly needed and they should not just be recommended.

For a long journey of 8 to 10 hours, the tummy also needs to recharge like the engine of a diesel-powered car.

The traveling gutom is now really hungry and he needs to find a restaurant. Because of the urge to eat according to necessity, the gutom traveler and his colleagues ended up at KFC fastfood in the city of San Fernando, La Union.

Along Quezon Avenue in the City of San Fernando, La Union is an array of business establishments and a lot of places to eat but the gutom travelers chose to stay at KFC Restaurant because it is the closest. 

There is also another Jollibee nearby but who cares. Besides, we are craving with the KFC chicken although Chicken Joy of Jollibee is also nice too.

KFC LA Union is very accessible and there is a huge signboard that can be seen from afar.

As we enter the branch, we can see the great smile of the crew welcoming us with the usual "red" ambiance.

The order was of course the chicken bucket meal which was more than enough for the 6 of us. Sulit!

The gravy is as always, perfect for the taste!

I was also impressed with the dessert. I love the very creamy and cheesy taste and I was so glad that I even eaten the dessert of one of my colleague, haha!

We had our eating sessions at the second floor and surprisingly, we can laugh with all our lungs out and be very loud because we were the only group hanging out there. We all had the time and opportunity!

Inside KFC Restaurant in La Union, I love the ambiance although there are some mid-rise buildings with dangling wires outside that serve as an eye-sore but I don't care about what is outside as long as inside is conducive for eating.

I like the hanging things at the ceiling and of course I really can't forget that dessert!

It's time to go on our way. Thanks you KFC for the great food!


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