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"This is it. This is now the real fight and I admit, I lost the war. My stomach wasn't able to accommodate the weapons of the food."

Thanks to my friend! She came all the way from Canada to the Philippines to get married. We have not been seeing in person for almost 2 years now and gladly she went home and it is her time to treat us. The traveling gutom landed to Shakey's Pizza House in JTC Mall, Bantay, Ilocos Sur. So, what is so sexy here? Well, continue reading.

With the dim setting lighted by glorious light chandelier in different colors, I am loving the inviting ambiance of this Shakey's branch. 

It is not too crowded. Somehow, quiet and peaceful. The background plays the jazz music which makes me feel I am so special this time. 

Besides, all I need is to relax because the expenses are all courtesy of my friend Rhea. I don't have to pressure my self. I just focused on what I will eat this day.

Oh! The sound system at the background continues to play soulful music that relaxes me more, not to mention my excitement because of the big meal waiting for me. 

And yes, the crew is coming bearing the weight of that huge Hawaiian Pizza in family size! Wow! Come on! This is a big fight and guess who will survive...

My friend Rhea is really very generous today that she actually treated us in full force. The Hawaiian pizza is absolutely a mouth-watering food with all the cheese melted at the surface, the bacon and all those stuffs. It just makes me say wow!

Together with the bottomless ice tea, I was also pampered with a high dosage of spaghetti, a food I also crave every now and then.

I just needed to be cautious with the deceiving power of the bottomless ice tea because it could make me full. It can't fool and full me. I know my strategy. Haha.

Wait there's more, and I just can't take this anymore, there is another big bucket of chicken with potatoes and I am now in panic mode. I am afraid I can't taste them all. 

"'Twas a yummy tender chicken. I also love the potato add-on, it was like a French fries in a huge grand cut!

And more still came with this garlic bread. It was a li'l bit toasted and of course, it was garlicky which really very amazing. When I tasted this, another food favorite has been added to my list of hundreds  again.

This is it. This is now the real fight and I admit, I lost the war. My stomach wasn't able to accommodate the weapons of the food. Haaaaaay... Sumusuko rin ang tiyan. Dyspepsia go away later please, would you?

So what is so sexy here? Let me tell you the reason. My friend Rhea from Canada just gets sexy everyday.

And she made the ambiance so sexy. Look at her at the photo with her husband - newly wed this time.

There you have it! I just love the sexy ambiance of the restaurant. She just nailed it all the way. Anyway thanks for this big meal. Anyway you should, hahaha... That is two years now [Naiipon habang tumatagal, hehe].

Anyway thanks Rhea, I enjoyed the moment and the time we have spent together as old friends. And now, you're married! God bless your marriage life!


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