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The time I read about the name of this Thai food, I opted to eat it than to pronounce it. Gosh! This is nosebleed! How come this food will have to make me struggle first in twirling my tongue because I use my tongue in eating? Duhhh!

So you know what? I opted to eat this food than to pronounce it because it hurts my tongue. 

Anyway, I love the half-cooked stream beans (I hope I'm right with the name of that green veggie) and the tender beef was perfect! But beware of the red thing there because this will burn your mouth, as in hot na hot! Ang anghang!!!

One platter costs 180 pesos but don't worry that is not expensive. The serving is good for 3-4 people. So if you divide it by 4, that would only cost yo' 45 pesos each! Ang mura na, sosyal pa, naka-Thai food ka pa, 'san ka pa!

Bongga!!! I ate this in Cafe Leona. They serve this food only during Saturday and not everyday so 'wag assuming! Saturday is their Thai food festival.  

Babay na!


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