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One night I was in Vigan. Yes it was night. Not midnight. It was Saturday, the Thai Food Festival in Cafe Leona!

So what I am doing here? Of course, I'm here to eat! You know, I am PALAGUTOM and I am always gutom. Tahaaaa! It's my first time to try this so-called Thai Fried Rice. This is history!

I saw the lemon. I thought it was a dessert and I made it appear that I think it was  dessert so that I will appear ignorante. Palagutom Boy is so ignorante you know. Hahaha! I'm so cheap ya kno' and I don't eat food with cost of more than 100 pesos. Blah blah blah!

Thai Fried Rice

So it is my first time to eat a fried rice because I usually eat plain rice because I am poor. As poor as your face. 

However, even though I'm poor, this is still a mission accomplished because it did not exceed 100 pesos. Bongga!

I felt very very as in very very sosyal while eating with the non-trying hard sosyal tourists around in al fresco courtesy of the pangmayaman restaurant of Cafe Leona. So I felt so sosyal!


Anyway, by the way, on the other hand, furthermore, on the other side, in light of the foregoing paragraphs, to sum it up, as a summary, in other words, I eat cheap food but I still appear sosyal hahaha!

The Thai fried rice of Cafe Leona is only 80 pesos. It was mixed with shrimps, pork and vegetables. You have to mix the lemon juice yourself unless you have a katulong in tow who looks better than your face to do the job for you.


Where I Ate This?

If you really read this corny post, you will know where I ate this. That restaurant is located along the famous Calle Crisologo in the city of Vigan and every night, they have the al fresco dining right on the cobblestone streets of Calle Crisologo. GORA NAAAA!


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