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Haaaaa! I wanted to shout! Haaaa! Hahaha! This is because it is Thai Food Festival in Cafe Leona on a Saturday Night and I was able to try this Seafood Pat Pick.

It was served sizzling. How I wish I can also put the mouth of my chismosa neighbor on the sizzling plate no? Anyway, it was so tasty that I wanted to jump. Exxag, I kno'.

There were squid, shrimps and mussels to satisfy your cheap tongue craving for seafood.

Don't worry about the price because one serving is good for 3-4 people with standard appetite. If you have voracious appetite, good luck!

So it is 170 pesos per serving. If you divide it by four, each individual will just have to pay a little over than 40 pesos so it is still affordable, 'di ba? If you want to make tipid, bring your own rice , haha!

Cafe Leona

I tried this food in Cafe Leona, a restaurant located along the famous Calle Crisologo in Vigan. This food is served ONLY every Saturday. The food is available starting at 6 PM.


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