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"Take note that people tend to regard Vigan Bagnet as similar toLechon Kawali. I must say,Bagnet is bagnet and it is not the same as Lechon Kawali at all."

If we talk about Vigan, of course food is a must try. Vigan is such a culinary haven for those who love doing food trip especially for food bloggers as well. Palagutom Boy landed in a restaurant called Cafe Leona located at the heart of Vigan's Mestizo District or the Heritage Village and from this tourism core, I had to enjoy the Vigan Bagnet!.

For those who are wondering what KBL means, KBL is the favorite sawsawan of every Ilocano especially the best partner for the Vigan Bagnet.

Take note that people tend to regard Vigan Bagnet as similar to Lechon Kawali. I must say, Bagnet is bagnet and it is not the same as Lechon Kawali at all.

Bagnet is more deep fried to the extent that the meat becomes ultra crispy and that what makes it "Bagnet."

Now let's go back to KBL. KBL is the official sawsawan of Bagnet and it stands for Kamatis (tomato), Bagoong nga Monamom (anchovy fish sauce) and Lasona (onion, note: Ilocanos prefer onions grown in Ilocos and not those huge onions from China with no taste). Ilocanos love to eat the highly-saturated taste of onion raw mixed with bagoong.

Asking about the price, Ohhhhh... I am so sorry! I am saying sorry because I don't know the price. This food was a free treat of a fellow blogger and didn't mind to ask for the price.

So this is not a mission failed because I did not spend money for it. Whether or not this food is priced with 10 pesos or 1000 pesos, I ate it free so it is a mission accomplished without me spending any penny at all!
Gutom Location:
Crisologo Street
Vigan City, Ilocos Sur, Philippines

Mission Status:
Mission Accomplished

Review Criteria:
Presentation: 10
Taste: 20
Innovation: 30
Price to Quality Ratio: 40
Total: 100

MY SCORE: 62/100

< 50: Needs improvement
50-60: Average (It is easy to find everywhere/It is Common)
60-70: Above Average (Just Ok!) 
70-80: Very Satisfactory (It is worth the prize)
90-95: More than Perfect (It is more than what you paid for)
95-100: Beyond compare! (Word can't explain the excellence)


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12 [Vigan] Bagnet with KBL: Not A Mission Failed

  1. KBL akala ko kliusang bagong lipunan ni Marcos, (joke). i learned something today about the JBL sawsawan. and the bagnet looks like lechon kawali but as you said bagnet is bagnet and not lechon. ang sarap ,kakagutom.good for you at may nagtreat sa iyo.

  2. Tess, haha... Yes, KBL is the official partner of this Vigan Bagnet. Malay mo kumakain din noon ang kliusang bagong lipunan ni Marcos ng ganito kaya tinawag na KBL> LOL!

  3. Looks like a treat. Makes my tasebuds to beg for it.

  4. I can't blame you :))

    I also have urge to eat everytime I see this. ;)

  5. i bought bagnet before we went home, but for me it taste like lechon kawali, i can't tell the difference. hehe! =)

  6. ^^ Michi, I will agree with you, that's why there is KBL to tell that it is Bagnet and not Lehon Kawali hehe :))

  7. sarap, bigla akong nagutom..... :)

  8. I have eaten bagnet before but I haven't been to Vigan yet. I guess it's not the same feeling pag nandun ka talaga no? Will definitely try this on my trip to Ilocos soon. :)

  9. @Yedy,

    I gotta agree. Kapag kasi nasa ibang lugar ka at kinakain mo 'yung specialty ng place ay heaven delight talaga ang feeling :)

  10. i got to try this pagpunta namin sa saturday! yey!!!!

  11. Bagnet KBL is the BOMB! This is my all time favorite Ilokano food introduced to me by my college housemate. I hope I get to visit Ilocos this year and have a taste of that authentic delicacy again :)

  12. The Drunken Pig | Great! Yes, Ilocos is a food haven! Nomnom!


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