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"Palagutom boy was about to see many restaurants in Session Road and he got frightened that he might starve to death because every restaurant he sees looked like offering an expensive food. I have fear of expensive food."

If you happen to crave for Yang Chow Rice and you are currently in Baguio City, the Palagutom boy has found an affordable place to eat in Baguio City the summer capital along the busy Session Road. At 75pesos with ice tea included and large-sized  Yang Chow Rice  with fully air-conditioned restaurant in retro setting and free wi-fi, that's solved!

The traveling gutom has landed in Baguio City for another mission. He was so hungry for his walking tour again (yes, I can't afford to spend money for taxi but to use my feet, lol).

Because of tiredness, he again explored the length of Session Road in Baguio city to look for a good-looking, sosyal-looking and fine-looking restaurant with cheap food. Palagutom boy was about to see many restaurants in Session Road and he got frightened that he might starve to death because every restaurant he sees looked like offering an expensive food. "I have fear of expensive food," Palagutom Boy said to himself.

After almost an hour Kris-crossing Session Road, Palagutom Boy bravely entered a restaurant called Jimm's Retro Diner and to tell you, just entering the restaurant, you will really feel the retro ambiance.

Elvis Presley is singing at the background and he is the star of this day. He also got several photos displayed inside the restaurant and I just wonder if this restaurant is owned by Elvis Presley, just kidding!

Ok, I courageously entered the restaurant in retro, sited for a while and waited for the waiter to give me the list of food to order. And yes!!!! I saw a rice meal with drinks at 75pesos! Solved!

The food we ordered with my younger bro was  Yang Chow Rice . The size was just enough for regular appetite. In layman's term,  Yang Chow Rice  could mean Fried Rice, and yeah, it is fried rice by the way added with some spices and anything that can be added. For this version, there was a butter mixed and it was already about to go dark when we ate here and telling you, it is not breakfast! Just kiddin' boy!

Ok, just a warning, if you hate butter that much especially eating it for dinner and not breakfast, never try this suggestion of mine -  Yang Chow Rice  + Butter + Night Time = What I did, it might disappoint you.

But if you love butter to the extent that you eat butter almost everyday of your life, you have found a jackpot!

Anyway, have I mentioned that this  Yang Chow Rice  has butter yet? Well, when you taste this, the "buttery" smell and taste is evident and I find it soooo delicious! Sadly, my brother hated it leading me say to the waiter, "Kuya pabalot." 

I ate my bro's  Yang Chow Rice  when we got home. Well that's it. The Palagutom Boy has traveled to Baguio City and at Session Road, this is his discovery. 

Session Road

Baguio City, Benguet, Philippines

Mission Status:

Mission Accomplished
@ 75 pesos

Review Criteria:
Presentation: 10
Taste: 20
Innovation: 30
Price to Quality Ratio: 40
Total: 100 


< 50: Needs improvement
50-60: Average (It is easy to find everywhere/It is Common)
60-70: Above Average (Just Ok!)
70-80: Very Satisfactory (It is worth the prize)
90-95: More than Perfect (It is more than what you paid for)
95-100: Beyond compare! (Word can't explain the excellence)


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14 [Baguio] 75pesos: Affordable Yang Chow Rice

  1. Yang Chow fried rice has been a staple for my Chinese-Filipino family. It's nice that this most-loved Asian fried rice is inexpensive in Baguio.. :) Too bad ma-butter masyado.. XD

  2. Sumi Go,

    I love oriental dish, lucky you you got handful of it because of your Chinese descent.

  3. rice + butter, i haven't tried this. star margarine + rice ang alam ko. hehe!

  4. I like this post. The dilemma of most is paying for the food. I have no problems with butter!! Hahaha. I really like this blog

  5. Wow! a yang chao for P75... good deal and i must try this when i go to baguio! thanks for the tip! --- toprepublic.com

  6. Buti you found this. Try mo din yung Oh My Gulay ... really good food.

  7. @KAthy Ngo.

    Thanks, will try it. Basta mura ang food.

  8. I am scheduled to go to Baguio this March and I will make sure to visit this place. Thank you for sharing :)

  9. Now I know where to go when we get to visit Baguio. - singlemomsupermom.com

  10. Hi! Thanks for the great information you have provided! You have touched on crucuial points! i bookmarked it and will be back to check some more later. Yang Chow Restaurant

  11. Nakakagutom ang blog mo!!!! I'm a huge rice girl. Di siya meal kung walang rice. Hahaha! Ang mura nito saka ang dami ng serving ha. Pupuntahan ko to pagpunta ko ng Baguio. :)

  12. Nakakagutom! Masarap talaga ang empanada. Asawa ko igado at empanada paborito nyang Ilocano food

  13. wow I love yang chow rice hehehe takakatakam...


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