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Heyah! To all the followers of palagutom, follow lang ng follow! hahaha.. I'm in Lingayen! I'm poor yet I'm sosyal. #Char!

Of course, I will look for cheap food again here starting from 100 pesos down. If libre, mas masaya! C'mon let's discover Lingayen the pulubi style. Bahahaha!

About Bangosilog

Silog meals are popular Filipino breakfasts. Silog stands for sinangag rice and itlog (egg). In Lingayen's Gotham City Cafe (an extension of The President's Hotel), I ordered Bangosilog which stands for Bangus + Sinangag + Itlog - just one of the countless silog versions you can make.

With this food I ordered here, I had a one piece of boneless bangus, an egg, a sinangag and a free coffee! Great breakfast really! Not so expensive.

Cost: 100 Pesos

Ok, the cost of the meal is 100 pesos. That is swak! Naka-aircon ka pa! Juicecolored. You can also have a free videoke inside the restaurant, yes, for free! Birit na! Birit pa!

Where I Ate This?

This restaurant is located along the Maramba Boulevard in Lingayen and it is an extension of The President's Hotel.

The restaurant is anime-themed with images of Batman, Spiderman and other fictitious superheroes. This is conveniently located in Lingayen. It is walking distance away from the Capitol grounds and the Lingayen Beach.

Read more: Gotham City Cafe


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