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This is popularly called pansit in Abra. However, in Ilocos, they call this miki. So to prevent over-analyzing, let's just call this food pansit miki. Either way, it is acceptable.

Ok. Ok. I am not going to dig history lessons for this pansit miki here. I'll just review it. Uh! It is not my first time to eat miki. I've been eating this since time immemorial, like the dinosaur age, uh! Just kidding. 

Bwahahaha! This poor food blogger is so back, so sexy, so hot and so uhmmm... yummy! I mean, this noodle soup is soooo yummy!

So I was so hungry when I went to Bangued, the capital town of the province of Abra. I asked the locals where is the best place to eat pancit miki in town the cheap way. Someone told me to go to a restaurant called "Mhiki Moto." Uhh, I am not sure with the spelling of that restaurant but all I can remember is that there is a letter "H" after the letter "M." I don't know why Filipinos tend to put "H" everywhere like Jhon, Jhenny, Dhanny, Bhong or Vhong, Jhong, hahaha! Bwahahaha! (Please laugh with me. Come on!). Hahaha.. Hahaha. ▬ Stop!!!

So after that laughing exercise, let's continue... I rode in a tricycle. I wanted to become a little bit sosyal ever that day even though I am a poor food blogger but there was no LRT. Yes! I wanted to ride in LRT but in Bangued, I only found tricycle. Hahaha... Opkors, ambisyoso si Palagutom Boy. Huwag ka!

I immediately went to the counter and I ordered no other than... pansit miki. Opkors golp kors! As far as I can remember, I ordered the special one amounting to ~50 pesos. I can't remember the exact amount. LOL!

For the information of everyone, miki is a famous noodle soup in Ilocano-speaking regions that's why they call this the Ilocano Noodle Soup. It has different versions from different towns, and even every restaurant has it's own version. So it was like there are hundred versions depending on the cook! LOL!

The three photos above is as yummy as me, hahaha! Actually, they help this pansit miki to taste yummier ▬ these are the toppings: onion leaves and chilly paste. However, some of the toppings is already on top upon serving, LOL, like the egg and the pork.

For this miki version I've tasted, I will give it a 9/10 score. Unlike it's Ilocos counterpart, the soup is not colloidal, it's thinner which really highlights the taste of this miki. The taste of the soup (which is usually from the water they used to boil the pork) mixed with secret ingredients is the foundation of the taste. The noodles (usually made from flour) are then added to the soup with all the toppings and seasonings.

Hurray! So this is the miki version of a restaurant called "Mhiki Moto" in Bangued.


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