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Sisig Bicol Express
Sisig Bicol Express ► sisig with the local touch of Bicol

Sisig has always been one of the most inviting foods one must try because it is very mouth-friendly since the meat has been cut into smallest pieces or could it be ground then the juicy thing comes out there, really delicious! However, as I was in Legazpi City in Albay, we were so attracted by the Sisig Bicol Express that is new to us. Of course in every place, we always have our own version. Sisig is the generic name and Sisig Bicol Express is the brand.

In fact, if we talk about Bicol express, it is something with "gata [juice of coconut meat]" and "siling labuyo" [a type of a very spicy chilly]. That is the common identity of Bicol express. Innovations keep coming that the sisig here has turned to be their own version.

Actually, I am not a fan of Bicol express because of the spice which is against my health. But because I was in Bicol, I did not want to miss this food.

We ordered the food in a restaurant in Legazpi City, Albay called the Tummy Yummy located at the Legaspi City Grand Terminal. It was not an easy task for me to enter into a Bicol restaurant because I know most will offer a Bicol express menu. It was a matter of discipline for health, but this time, eating was my priority. Haha.

Although it was a food against my health [because of the spice], the gastronomical experience I had can never be the same again. Eating a food in a place where it is actually the place of origin is just a different thing. It was a feeling of fulfillment doing so. It was like being able to find a gold at the tip of the rainbow.


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