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Bet mo? As in bet na bet na bet? LOL! Well, well, huh, I tried this Dragon Fruit Shake, or have you tasted dragon fruit already? No, it is not from a dragon, it is from a species of cactus that bears a pinkish fruit. You don't need to be kikay just to eat this pinky fruit because even maskulado men (and maskuladong bakla included) can eat this while wearing bra.

Dragon Fruit Shake is not new, and so what? I want to blog something old, and why not choconut? And it was 2010 when I tried the fruit shake you are seeing on the photo, what what? This is just a mere history lesson because this fruit is already known just before, lol.

So, Palagutom Boy wanted to eat this and it was cheap at 60 pesos (the very large one), there is also medium size and small size which becomes cheaper as the size becomes smaller, of course! But I don't know in your own place if they have the same prize, but I want to warn you, "Don't buy expensive shake like this if you don't have enough budget because you can buy them cheaper to some stalls."

So there, Palagutom Boy, the poor food blogger still needed beg to streets to accumulate 60 pesos that's why he only has 1 blog entry last month! Because December is a month of giving, he earned 60 pesos! yay!!

Until next time Palagutom readers!


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6 [Vigan] Dragon Fruit Shake, Bet mo?

  1. Wow grabe, sir Edmar aka Palagutom Boy, ngayon ko lang nasubukang magbasa dito. Syo din pala to. Ang galing nman ng blog mo na to. Nakatutuwa na, nakakatakam pa haha.

    Guest mo naman kung sino ako? Tagal! Hehe! Si Lag Alag to, eto ang nick ko sa bago ko blog. Naks no. Uy nag-joined ako sa GFC mo. Kaya lagi ko nang mkikita mga nakakagutom na post mo sa Blogger Reading List ko.

  2. Uy! Gastoserong Lagalag! Hahaha.
    Congrats sa bagong blog. Feel ko magiging havey na naman yan! Yeee!

  3. Sanaaa... pro di ako masyado mag-expect dito kc matindi competition. Masaya na ko mag 1000 pv a day. Ok na yun LOL.

  4. ang ganda ng kulay. parang ang sarap sarap

  5. Oo nga eh! Sarap na sarap ako dito noon!

  6. Wow mukhang masarap..
    Masarap kaya kung me kasama na syang milk?



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