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Cheap Restaurant in Albay, Bicol
Tummy Yummy Diners Express in Legazpi City, Albay

Tummy Yummy is a great place to eat if you are in Albay, especially when you're lost at the Legazpi Grand Central Terminal in the city of Legazpi, province of Albay in Bicol Region. Hoy! Don't worry because it won't ruin your budget! :p
If you don't have enough money and still want to experience dining with the view of the Mayon Volcano (you have to go out the restaurant to do that), do dine at Tummy Yummy Diners Express. Ow I am so sorry! I forgot if you can see Mayon Volcano inside. Urghhh. Don't blame me because it's been more than a year since I last ate here, booo. So I did not take down notes before and who would have thought that I will come up with a food blog that features food with price of 100 pesos or less like this? Blahh.

Ok, if you want a budget meal here, group meal is recommended, as in, you have to be in group, not group chat, not group hug, but a group of hungry tummy. Well, 3-4 person in a group may do.

Bicol Food Trip
Pancit with a touch of Bicol Taste

I am suggesting group dining because some of the best dishes here are priced with 100 pesos and above. So to experience a budget meal (meaning without spending all your money), you must have someone to share with so that you won't be spending 100 pesos and above for every single food you eat, Claro M. Recto? I mean, is that Klaro or Clear (not the shampoo thing ok because I don't have dandruff, blah blah)?

So what to eat in Tummy Yummy aside from rice?

Ok, we tried out the Pancit with a touch of Bicol taste and please forgive me for being unable to recall the real name of the menu. What is important is that I know it is a pancit and not a spaghetti :p

The price is about 120-150 in range and it is good for 4. If one of you has voracious appetite, it can be good for 3. If all of you have voracious appetite, it is good for 1 and that would ruin your budget. So be sure that at least 1 in your group has voracious appetite, lol.

If everyone has voracious appetite, you may consider a partnership dining (not group dining). So in partnership dining, only the two of you will share for the food which mostly apply when both of you have voracious appetite. But don't worry, that would be less than 100 still.

So because I talk a lot, as in a lot, with sense or non-sense, you'll know that pancit is of Bicol-influence when you eat that! Guess? Eat a red hot chilly pepper now and you'll know what I mean.

Fill in the blanks: This is Sisig Bicol Express ___ Tummy Yummy. There's no clue please.

What else? This one is the Sisig Bicol Express. It is a sisig of course, but what makes it different is that it is ultra spicy and hot. Warning: don't eat the green things out there if you don't want to burn you mouth with smoke without charcoal.

It is still good for 3-4 people of regular appetite. The range is from 120-150 pesos wherein you can share to cut the expense each person to less than a hundred peso. Every peso counts isn't it?

Oooops! Palagutom Boy is there! Ok, there are 3 of us in the group and I won't tell who has the one with voracious appetite here :p

This photo is taken from my travel blog where I have a serious-type, melodramatic, semi-emo personality.

So that is the view you'll have to witness dining in Tummy Yummy restaurant. Appetizing right? View pa lang ulam na!

Closing Remarks and how I hate saying goodbye!

That ends my successful budget food trip in Legazpi City and hope to see you again next time for our next cheap food trippings.

This has been Palagutom Boy, the poorest food blogger at your service. Bye!


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  1. oh too bad we were just at Albay a few days ago. But we weren't able to visit that. We tried Bigg's diner, Sibid-Sibid, Balay Cena Una and Seaside dining at Embarcadero.

  2. Joy Calipes-Felizardo | Ay! Sayang naman! However, seaside-dining at Embarcadero is nice too! :) That's fine, we can not always visit all the restos in one time. There will be next time naman :) God Bless!


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