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What's up mga Palagutom and Patay Gutom! Ahhh... I will be sharing to you a not-so-fresh post (because it's been 100 years since the things happened in this post you are reading happened. Uhh, may ganun? Ang raming happen-happen na nalalaman, Bwahaha! Hihihi! Ayan tuloy, napalagay ako ng hyphen. (Tama ba ang ispeling? Haha)
Anyway highway, lemme give you a brief review of Baguio City's Jim's Retro Diner located along the Session Road. Well, asking who is the one at the photo, it is my emo brother, that's not me. (So ano ngayon ang problema ko? LOL!)

Well, wishing well bowel, at lahat ng gustong maging well, I wish you well, Chos! I was actually hungry and it is turning 6 pm, about to go home to my hometown and that is about 5-6 hours trip more from Baguio but we still had no plans to go home. May balak kaming mag-hotel sa bus 'tol, air-con din 'yon!

Until I wanted to try to eat on a restaurant along Session Road. But of course golf course, I am so nervous that the money placed in my pocket is not mag-kasya. You know, I am poor, as poor as you. LOL! Hihihi!.

But with all the courage, inspired by our national heroes who fought for our freedom (anung connect?) I said, "Who the heck are you to make your restaurant soooo expensive that I can not afford?!!" Sabay tawa ng malakas, bwahahahaah! Pero hindi ko sinabi sa kanila yun, sinabi ko lang sa harap ng salamin sa may C.R. Practice lang and practice makes perfect, LOL!

Ayan, hindi pa ako nag-uumpisa sa restaurant review at marami na naman akong nasabing mga bagay na walang kwenta, haha!

Jim's Retro Diner Baguio
My bro, after climbing the stair going to the road, because we came from a basement

Actually we walked at the full length of Session Road side by side to look for a cheap restaurant but everyone just looked sosyal lahat and it makes me nervous of being not able to go home because of being unable to pay for my bus ride dahil pinanbili ng mahal na pagkain, SAKLAP!

We actually walked for 3 times along Session Road tip to tip. Buti nalang hindi parang EDSA ang kahaba ng Session Road. For our 3rd alay-lakad to death effect attempt, I saw a restaurant and it is not located along the road mismo but it is located "below" the road. Rwarr!

The name is Jim's Retro Diner. Located at the basement of a building along Session Road, eto pa talaga yung napili namin. Well, hindi dahil sa ito ang napili namin ay ibig sabihin hindi siya sosyal. Hehe. It looks cozy naman however at medyo palihim ang location, LOL!

Jim's Retro Diner Baguio
As I step downward (variation ng step forward, kasi pababa kami, hihi), I was hearing a retro beat. And it was Elvis Presley's signature songs. Retrong-retro talaga ang peg!

Inside are pictures of your favorite retro stars. Well, I am not a fan of retro-retro but I find this restaurant interesting.

Of course, we tried to find a cheap food here, as cheap as me. Hehe. Did we find a cheap food of less than 100 pesos? Yes of course!

This is what we ate: Ok before you raise your eyebrows, the full details about this food is written here. Click Here, or else I will click you, LOL!


So that's it. Personally, the restaurant is a nice choice if you want something that is quiet with a retro touch. Oh! Don't forget to wear your retro dress if you want to maximize the resto-effect. LOL!


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14 [Baguio] Going Retro at Jim's Retro Diner

  1. interesting diner. what are kind of food does the menu have? any activities in the area? maybe write more about the food and activities in the area for tourists looking to save money on a place to stay and food to eat. also, do they have vegan food?

  2. the foods looks very nice and presentable plus the restaurant itself looks good too! xx

  3. ok yung retro style diner. meron pala sa baguio niyan. :)

  4. Love your post here. Love the food shots. I am now one of the fan of your blog. Nice concept. Very PINOY and MASA.

  5. Similar to Biggs Diner in Batanagas City I might say. But I have to try it out for myself to see the difference. ^_^

  6. i like your blog and recipes as they proved very beneficial to me and i decided to comment once again on your blog .


  7. Mamun | Thanks but I do not give recipes here :p How come you said that? :p

  8. jims retro diner is located at la azotea bldg session road baguio city. we serve good variety of freshly baked pizza, pasta, giant burgers, giant clubhouse sandwiches, rice meals and pancit canton/bihon. free wifi.

  9. Anonymous | Thanks for the info! Hope you can invite palagutom boy for free. Palagutom will do the promotion. Haha!

  10. Natawa ako sa "Click Here, or else I will click you." Hehehe

  11. Anonymous | Ang rami niyong Anonymous! Hehe. So i-click mo na, baka ma-click pa kita, hahaah!

  12. jim's retro diner is open from 10am to 12 midnight daily. we serve mostly diner food ranging from fried chicken , burgers to sandwiches. we have a wide array of freshly baked pizza and calzone as well. pls visit us at the lower ground flr. of la azotea bldg session road baguio city. add us up at facebook(jimretrodiner@yahoo.com) have a good day every one. to palagutom, thanks for the review.

  13. Masarap dun yung pesto pizza na may konting seafood, yung tipong naglalawa sa pesto...

  14. When you go to jims retro diner order alfedo pizza and seafood hunter pizza pwede half half. I tell you guys masarap ang pizza nila. At 199 you can have a taste of thier giant burger or at 220 have a bit of thier giant clubhouse sandwich both (giant burger/clubhouse sandwich) are good for 4 persons


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