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"...for readers' sake, strawberries are not real berries but they are more closely related to rose [an ornamental plant] than berries."

The province of Benguet, being a province located up high the mountains, it can be a host for plants that prefer a temperate weather. The traveling gutom has landed to Baguio City in Benguet  and has found another treat with this lovely strawberries - fruit bearing plants that love the cool atmosphere.

In my way searching and verifying stories, I found out these strawberries in Mine's View Park of Baguio City. 

There are a lot of strawberry stores in Baguio I know, because many friends of mine tell me about that but it was my first time to see these strawberries in bundle in person. Whoaah! It was such a very memorable experience to see these strawberries.

The look of these strawberries were very inviting because they look so delicious and juicy being a first timer to encounter those. A lot were displayed at the stalls in Mine's View Park and it was not really easy to ignore those!

Benguet province is really blessed with a cold temperature that it is capable of hosting plants that only grown in countries with four seasons. 

However, for readers' sake, strawberries are not real berries but they are more closely related to rose [an ornamental plant] than berries. 

It is very unbelievable that strawberries are not considered berries. In contrary, eggplant, which we consider a vegetable, is not actually a vegetable, but it is a certified true-blooded berry.

So if someone asks you, "Which is berry, strawberry or eggplant?" You gotta answer, "eggplant!" With that, you'll be very correct. Supposed to be you're in a game show, you have surely won the grand prize for that grand question.

Now we know that strawberries are not berries, they are actually called fragaria." The fleshy and edible part of the fruit is actually called a "receptacle" and not a fruit. It is a receptacle to reiterate it and the dots at the skin of the fruit is not a seed, it is called "conceptacles." 

I repeat, fragaria has no seeds. Anyway, whatever name this fruit is called, it has been painted in my mind, heart and soul that this fruit is a strawberry and the dots at the skin is the seed. And I must say, I don't know fragaria, but I know strawberries.

So, all strawberries in the world including those in Benguet are not berries!


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2 [Baguio] Benguet Strawberries are not Real Berries

  1. I love strawberries. I super love this post. *wants them now*

  2. @pinaywriter: ya me too, I crave for these strawberries everytime I see this pics. hehe..


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