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Dragon fruit is gaining popularity in the Philippines but although it's exposure has reached the mainstream media like the television being featured in many shows, there are still persons who happen to be ignorant about it - I am one of them. 

It was a hot day at exactly 12:00 noon and I was looking for something to freshen me up. Thank God my friend Rhea Corrales just came from Canada with all the wealth in her pocket and she treated me with some circle of friends.

I saw this fruit shake stand and at the display table of that stall, I saw a fruit on which I thought it was a plastic "toy fruit" made in China. I had a little frown in my face because I was disappointed with that food stall displaying an artificial fruit, with that very colorful fruit with very pink color plus the weird appearance. It was very weird-looking and why it is there? Since I was thinking it was made in China, it would contaminate other fresh fruits placed therein with lead and those toxic chemicals used by the Chinese manufacturers.

I really had to confront the vendor and ask her about it until she asked me what to order. To begin, I wanted to tell her that I don't like what I saw so I purposefully told her that I want that pink artificial fruit made from China. She laughed and looked at me and I was aback when she took that weird-looking fruit and sliced it then put it in a blender!

Whooooaah! I was really shocked! It was not srtificial, it was really natural but it looked so synthetic. With all the "made in China" mind set I had, I was amazed and has a little degree of embarrassment about that scenario. I just smiled and waited until that fruit on which I learned later that it was dragon fruit is done for serving.

As I hand that Dragon Fruit Shake, I was still in a severe status of doubt if what I will be drinking is natural because the color seemed like it was mixed with a can of food coloring because of its really bright and highly-saturated pink color. But linger, I saw how they made it and I should not have any questions in mind. Maybe I was just overwhelmed with ignorance that I was ineffably amazed on what dragon fruit might offer.

It was a perfect day and it was a day of rediscovering new things. I really had fun time with this dragon fruit on which, I made the story complicated and controversial which in fact, there's no issue to talk about. It was just me who was so obsessive and compulsive about that thing.

"Twas another day again of discovering food and a day of eating! That was a dragon fruit day for us. I had fun and I enjoyed dragon fruit because it was so delicious more than I could just imagine.

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2 [Feature] Dragon Fruit: A Surprising Truth!

  1. When I went to China, I saw this fruit, my first time. It was kinda weird but when I ate it, wala naman lasa hehe. Id love to have a shake!

  2. @Journeys and Travels:

    Yeah, wala talagang lasa kapag ganun lang. kelangan talagang lagyan ng innovation at add-ons para magkalasa hehe


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