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tummy talk vigan
 This is not a museum just so you know :p

Hey ya! Hey ya! At isa pang malaking Hey ya! So wazzup people? Palagutom Boy is back! After 10 years (LOL), I am here again because once again, again and again and all over again, I have finally saved an amount of 100 pesos to afford another food, hihi. I told you Palagutom Boy is damn poor that I can not afford to buy my own food, LOL!

So check the next cheap restaurant I discovered on which it can offer a great meal of 50.00 pesos. Well, although the value meal was 50.00 pesos, I want to be more sosyal so my drinks was amounting to 60.00 pesos, hihi. But before anything else, let me give you a brief story about this new restaurant I have been!


LongaBurger for 50.00 pesos | Burger with Vigan Longanisa
If you are in Vigan, most especially if you are in Calle Crisologo, expect that the restaurants here are so much expensive because they are mainly "fine dining."

But wait, for budget eaters like me, we deserve to eat along Calle Crisologo without paying for an expensive price. Yes, I am poor but finally I can now experience the glamor of dining along the great and famous Calle Crisologo. Yipeee! And that is because of a restaurant called Tummy Talk.

Tummy Talk Restaurant in Vigan is housed in one of the ancestral houses of Vigan. Outside it looks like a museum or any typical Vigan house but it is actually a restaurant.

Tummy Talk offers a value meal, I mean the "usual" value meal concept we buy at the carinderia but in here, it is much better of course. For a cup of rice, choose a vegetable and a meat dish then your value meal is complete! That's it! What makes it different? You're now dining along Calle Crisologo on which most restaurants lining it are expensive but remember, you're actually inside a cheap restaurant.

But since I was not so much hungry, I tried the LongaBurger. From the name alone, I know you have an idea now. A fusion of Longanisa and Burger. And it was not just the ordinary Longanisa, because it contains  the famous Vigan Longanisa.

A family having dinner at the restaurant's largest table, good for a group of 8

Ok, that's it. Since I only have 100 pesos as budget, I tried to purchase this LongaBurger amounting to 50 pesos.

So what about my drinks? That is a Mango Shake and it was refreshing I swear! It is worth 60 pesos. So I have exceeded with 10 pesos. Ok no worry, umutang ako sa friend ko ng 10 pesos pero sabi niya, "Hayaan mo nalang! Yeeee!

So the total is 100 pesos. Should I wish to feature more food here at Tummy Talk, I need to save more money to come-up with another 100 pesos. So I will be back along the streets again to beg for alm, hihi..

So that is my 100-peso challenge for today! By the way, sorry I was not able to take a cross-section photo of the LongaBurger :(

The downside of this restaurant is that the space inside is limited. I calculated (without using a calculator) and it can contain only about 20-25 people inside. Ok, we can just say it can contain up to 35 but that would become sardinas (sardines-in-a-can) already. So for the customers to be comfortable enough, at least 20 people should be eating in maximum.

Because the space is limited, people look for another restaurants because the restaurant is usually full-packed most of the time. The good thing here is that, they have set up tables outside for a Calle Crisologo street dining. Isn't that nice dining at the middle of Calle Crisologo? But using those tables outside would be first-come-first-serve basis again and the tables outside are not guaranteed to be always available there.

But as I said, if you want dining along Calle Crisologo the cheap way and the Palagutom way, Palagutom Boy is recommending Tummy Talk along Calle Crisologo in Vigan.

See ya for our next 100-peso challenge! Hope you come back again for our next post. This has been Palagutom blog, ang blog ng mga walang pera! Bye!


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  1. Haha, Edmar! May food blog ka pala nakakatuwa naman ang kulit, palagutom talaga. :D

  2. Not bad! Great for a quick bite to eat while exploring Calle Crisologo. I'll keep an eye for that when I head to Vigan early next year.

  3. Hope I can go to Ilocos and visit my relatives there, I will definitely visit this place para makatipid =)

  4. Adeline Yuboco | Yes, do try it, it you want some affordable food out there.

  5. | Sure! There are a lot of things to see in Ilocos! :)

  6. Vigan's LonggaBuger reminds of Boracay's ChorriBurger! Very affordable but yummy and filling! I also like the rustic look of Tummy Talk, really embraces and maintains the different feeling when you're in Vigan :)

  7. Chilipina | Correct! You got it right!

  8. LOL, you made me laugh with the first paragraph of your post. Welcome back! I love the mango shake ,so okay lang kahit mangutang like you did.

  9. tatess | Haha! Thanks mommy! Ang mangutang, gawain ng mga Palagutom, LOL! Haha.

  10. Nagugutom ako tuloy. Hahahaha. Kakatawa ka tlaga!

  11. oh, I'm missing Vigan upon reading your post. However, we never had a chance to try eating on this resto. :( Vigan Longanisa is the best!

  12. i love your energetic spirit! :) ive been to Vigan before but I didnt see this..

  13. It has been years already since the last time I visited Ilocos. I haven't seen my relatives there too. So sad. I hope to be able to visit next yr and will keep an eye to Tummy Talk. Thanks for sharing!

  14. AyLin | Hi! I am so glad that you miss Vigan upon reading may 'alang kwentang post. Haha... Vigan misses you more :)

  15. Janine Daquio | Maybe because it was not open yet that time so you didn't see this. I also love your energetic comment, LOL! Ganoon na ba talaga kasikat ang Vigan? Napuntahan na talaga ng lahat ng blogger. Awww!

  16. sayitnessie | Hey ya! Yip yeah, you gotta go to Vigan again and see your relatives. For sure they miss you too :)

  17. wwo! that looks yummy! might try to make one also! with longanisa! hehe xx

  18. Mary Jane Tauyan | Sige try niyo po, pero dapat Vigan Longanisa ha, harhar!

  19. I have been looking into Ilocos Norte and Sur-releated posts because I'm planning for a solo trip and this is the first time I have encountered this resto.

    Nakakarelate ako kasi parati akong student budget din hihi :>

    Love your blog theme btw. At first, napaisip ako kung blogspot nga yung platform :3

    - Dems (http://demsangeles.com)

  20. Dems Angeles |Kung pwede ko lang sana i-memorize ang comment mo, hihi. Thanks for loving the theme :) Marami talagang magagandang themes sa blogspot :)

  21. Cris | Pinay Thrillseeker | Waaah. Sensiya, ikaw pala naunang nag-comment, naman! Napunta kasi sa spam folder 'yung comment mo. Buti na lang at nakita ko, hehe..

  22. wow .. this is just so timely .. i am schedule to hit ilocos region next month ... i will sure drop by in calle crisologo .. thanks for the tip ... :D

  23. Ayus!!! Masubukan yan pag nakapasyal ako sa Vigan :D

  24. Just saw this one. Thanks sir for the kind words. :D

    -Lampong's Restaurant (former Tummy Talk)

  25. That feeling when I saw my comment almost 2 years ago when I have finally went on a trip to Vigan. I think I saw this resto but I wasn't able to try it kasi part ako ng blog tour :3


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