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"Jollibee's chocolate sundae is smooth and creamier in my taste buds compared to McDonald's."

One reason I want hanging out at Jollibee is because of their Sundae-in-cup which is more popularly known as chocolate sundae (although there have been other versions).

Jollibee sundae
For a palagutom like me, having this cheap food at hand is already a big deal!

That is 25pesos man! I can already afford that! Aside from the fact that I love sweets, I also love the price.

I am glad Jollibee has made it cheaper because few years back, their chocolate sundae was around 30 pesos while McDonald's remain low at 25 pesos.

Jollibee's chocolate sundae is smooth and creamier in my taste buds compared to McDonald's. The chocolate syrup really blend good with it.

So Jollibee, please keep the price low, or lower, hehe.


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5 [Feature] Chocolate Sundae: Jollibee's Cheap Dessert

  1. olrayt ! my peborit kainin sa jollibee <3 haha!
    pero honestly, di ko ma-differentiate ang lasa ng sundae sa jollibee at mcdo. :(

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