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"Although as we said, processing is centered in Bicol, ironically, there is no commercial planting of Pili nuts in Bicol."

Pili Nuts grow in the tropics of Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines but it is only in the Philippines where Pili nuts are processed and produced commercially. Interesting right? I don't know why Indonesia and Malasysia ignored that opportunity.

Pili Nuts [unprocessed] sold at the Legazpi Grand Terminal in Albay province

In the Philippines, production centers are located in the Bicol region in the provinces of Camariner Sur, Albay and Sorsogon because it is only in this region where Pili Nuts are widely cultivated. 

Although the production is centered in Bicol, there are also some processing centers in the Southern Tagalog and Eastern Visayas.

Although as we said, processing is centered in Bicol, ironically, there is no commercial planting of Pili nuts in Bicol. The fruits are just collected from natural stands in the mountains near this region. Amazing right? No such effort. All they have to do is to collect without commercializing the plantation.

Processed sweets made from Pili nuts sold for about 30-50 pesos each in Albay

The hungry traveler landed in Legazpi City and I found this Pili nuts in a container and it is the most favorite pasalubong for those who just came from Bicol.

The Philippines exported about 3.8 t of pili preparation to Australia and the island of Guam in 1977 and until now, exports are still on the go!

The tasty nuts just kept me going then mixed with sweets that just blend deliciously sweet!


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4 [Legazpi] Pili Nuts: The Ultimate Bicol Nuts

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  2. Yuummm!! I love glazed pili and pili tarts :D

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    Ako naman ay 'yong tart talaga ang the best.

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    This Is Owen from china , we r looking for the pili nuts If u have this business pls text me 09238918320 or 09151052797. We will need tons every month, if u have pls sent me some picture. What’s the price and how many can u deliver evey month.


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