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"Don't worry, a lot of people there are standing eating with you so don't be ashamed, you're not alone. But make sure it is about 4pm to 7pm where the peak hour really peaks in. Just feel free to eat and relax alternatively!"

The hungry traveler landed in the country's bangus capital. But aside from bangus, I discovered some interesting do-it-yourself style of eating along the busy and traffic-jammed streets of Dagupan.

Chicken Nuggets served by a food stall along Burgos Street, Dagupan City

I said do it yourself manner of eating because just after you buy the food, the vendor is no longer accountable where you're going to stay.

But of course, if the food isn't that well, you might complain but for your space to eat, never ask for assistance.

You have to look a space for yourself and don't get surprised if everyone around you is standing while handling a food and eating in standing position.

Tokneneng, one-day-old chicken and isaw

Along Burgos Street in Dagupan and just near the fences of the Dagupan City plaza, there are food stalls there and everything can be considered a street food.

Some of the most famous Philippine street foods are here. We have the tokneneng, an egg wrapped by a flour with mixed ingredients then dipped in a sauce.

One-day-old chicken barbecue

There is also the isaw, intestines of chicken griilled to create a chicken intestine barbecue. Speaking of chicken, better try the one-day-old. Yes, that's right. The name of the food is one-day-old because it is in fact a one-day-old chick just escaped from the egg shell.

There you have the one-day-old chicken and there is a technique in eating this. When I bought one, the vendor suddenly stopped me when I was about to eat that and told me to give the food and learned that there is a technique in eating it.

The vendor removed something from that one-day-old chicken and she told me that the removable thing out there tastes bitter. So, that was the technique and I don't know how to do it, lol!

This was really fun. In this part of Dagupan, there are no tables. You have to eat while standing and yeah, it was cool while viewing other people walking into rush and the traffic jam, I think this is another way to relax...

Don't worry, a lot of people there are standing eating with you so don't be ashamed, you're not alone. But make sure it is about 4pm to 7pm where the peak hour really peaks in. Just feel free to eat and relax alternatively!


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20 [Dagupan City] Eating Street Foods in Standing Position

  1. Not allowed to eat street food when I was a kid kaya when I grew up talaga I would eat a lot of them. I think I kinda screwed up my tummy because of it. ^>^

  2. @pinaywriter

    You still have a lot of time today to try :-)

  3. wow, there's chicken nuggets too. sosyal na ang street foods.

  4. I love everything except the one day old chicken. Hahaha. Im sorry dude but i don't eat such. :)Sarap ng street foods. Swear!

  5. @Noks: Its just like balut bro. you know it's not easy to eat but its delicious haha.

  6. I cannot eat one day old chick. No no no no no.

  7. I'd have the chicken intestines lang :D others, no no!

  8. I normally like street food especially isaw but the idea of eating that one-day old chick frightened me a bit! Hahaha shucks, di ko kaya yan! :D Kudos to you!

  9. I like the day-old chick. :) tapos may suka na dami sibuyas at sili! :)

  10. I haven't tried the one day old chick.. only balut. If I was in your place, I would also be taught how to eat because I didn't know about that technique. :)

  11. Palagutom nation o palakaon brigade... foods are abounding in your place. I'm palakaon when I'm left alone in table full of foods. When I was a kid, in fact, I was truly palagutom. I'm skinny when I was a kid. Now I'm chubby. I'm overweight for I exceeded in my regular weight requirements based on my body mass index.

  12. My friend Andrea have been to Philippines once and she's been talking about this and her whole experience when she came back to the US.

    this is one of the experience she have. My only question is, is it safe? it's at the street and in an open area.

  13. I love street food but only eat/buy to a known vendor and make sure the sauce/sawsawan is not contaminated with others saliva. it is common on the street that people just dip their sticked food again and again in the sauce.

  14. Awww fishballs, kwek kwek, tempura, etc. etc. I miss those! :(

  15. @FWTMMO
    I can not give the best answer but I think all food could be risky if we don't know how they were cooked. Even fast foods and classy restaurants serve a meal with "ipis" in in "occasional" manner.

    I also know some street vendors who prepare the food well and clean. But here, I am not really sure because I do not know the vendors hahaah.. You'll just know if it is safe or not after eating when you have diarrhea lol!

  16. street foods as we call it, kumakain ako nyan, i like tokneneng, chaka isaw, sabi ng mga anak ko sa akin "eeewww" ahaha

  17. I used to eat street food before, but suddenly I have to stop because of UTI.

  18. I miss eating street foods! Kainis, some of the best Pinoy food are bought from the street.

  19. cool,,mahilig dn aq kumain mga streetfud,pinaka gusto q ang inihaw na tenga ng baboy at calamaris at buknoy..yummy.
    lalo na pag the best ang sawsawang suka..ang saraaaaap.
    it's more fun in street fud!

  20. jairon escaño | Oo nga. Super nomnom ang street food at mura pa. Pak!


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