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"This Squid Bicol Express was just awesome because it was my first time to encounter a Bicol express in seafood."
I really never thought that Bicol Express is as diverse as culture to the extent that I am having a hard time classifying the food if it is a Bicol Express or not. It is also noteworthy that according to a Wikipedia entry, Bicol Express was actually popularized in the districts of Malate, Manila but made in traditional Bicolano style. The name Bicol express was derived from a train moving from Manila to Bicol.

The traveling gutom has landed to CamSur and ate at Naga Garden. It was just surprising how varied Bicol express dish is when you go to Bicol with a lot of menu and versions all under the roof of Bicol express.
It was just my first time to encounter a squid in a Bicol express influence seeing again that chili thing out there that really makes every mouth go wild and hot! The Bicolano spirit was just remarkable.

This Squid Bicol Express was just awesome because it was my first time to encounter a Bicol express in seafood.
This Squid Bicol Express will surely satisfy every gutom [hungry] tummy. With this innovation, I believe Bicol express has still a lot of way to go!


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17 [Naga] Squid Bicol Express, ahhhhh!

  1. Yes ,another famous bicol express.Ang sarap ng squid ,the first time my hubby tasted it from a Filipino restaurant in Qatar ,he thought it was chicken or some kind of meat but when i told him its a squidd ,he almost spit out from his mouth.I did not know he don't eat squidd.

  2. Nice entry! I like your blog... budget eating with a mission :)

    My roots are from Naga and i havent been there, though i have tried many variations of bicol express, hope i could try this squid variation.

  3. You got me craving for squid dish that is cooked in our own Filipino style. Squid here in Thailand is abundant but I just can't appreciate the they cook it. This Bicol express of yours here just looks appealing and I am imagining the spicy taste lingering in my mouth while I am gorging on it.


  4. There's no coconut milk? Hmm.. This looks interesting! :)

  5. Tess, glad to know there is a Bicol Express in Qatar before.


    Thanks for your feedback. You should go back to your hometown soon!


    Yup, I really think that so. Wasn't able to ask the resto about it but I think there's none. Hehe.

  8. Also never heard of seafood Bicol express. Worth a try though. Any place we can try it other than in, um, Bicol? :) Maybe in Malate where it actually originated, right?

  9. AJ,

    I'm so sorry because I just eat to places randomly. But in Manila, I think it is not impossible to locate a food like this.

  10. I love Bicol Express, and this squid version looks so good ah! :) I'll tell my mom to try using seafood the next time she cooks us this dish.

  11. Sumi Go,

    Really? Hope you can blog about it when your mom cooks it :))

  12. This looked yummy! Pag spicy food .. winner sa kin. But not too much.. Thanks for sharing this. I'll try this some other time. :D

  13. I haven't try that squid Bicol express and never heard of it. Thanks for sharing an informative food blog.

  14. I'm a fan of the common Bicol Express (with gata), this is something new for me. One thing I wish is that the squid would not be that hard to bite =x.

  15. Whoa! I'm drooling literally here. And to think it's already 11pm. Not a good idea to open such yummy post in the middle of the night.

  16. nice variation of a bicol express. squid for a change

  17. im just curious, what is the proper way of cooking the Bicol Express? marami kasing variations, hehehehe ang original bicol express ba puro sili?


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