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"Aside from the stunning view of the Mayon Volcano at one side is the view of a heritage and a structure with a historical value at the other side. That's how JZOR restaurant allures its customers."

There's nothing to ask for in this restaurant if you are looking for a space wherein as you can consume the grace at the table is an infinite feeling of solitude. While enjoying the food, take a look at your side, or just in front of you, with the fresh cool breeze from God above, you will forget all your worries while you are viewing the world famous perfect cone of Mayon Volcano. Looking from the tip of that cone, look down from that point going down the slopes and you'll suddenly realize that you're just eating at the slopes of Mt Mayon because there is no obstruction of the view. You can notice clearly how the cone shapes up as a cone. 

'Twas a memorable piece of eating experience as I am taking the gentle strands of this variety of Pancit and the gentle breeze touches my face in an open air dining experience. Strands alone is winner, very smooth and gentle. 

It was a simple restaurant called the JZOR in the town of Daraga in Albay province, Bicol. The JZOR Restaurant is not architecturally planned to attract eaters but the location of the restaurant is the best asset. It is situated beside an 18th century church called the Our Lady of Gate Parish or the Church of Daraga which replaced the ruined Cagsawa Church in the same town. 

Aside from the stunning view of the Mayon Volcano at one side is the view of a heritage and a structure with a historical value at the other side. That's how JZOR restaurant allures its customers.

About the food, I never tried all the foods listed in the menu but regarding the food I have tasted as the Pancit, I can say that it is not an ordinary menu. 

However the watermelon shake disappointed me, thanks for the presentation, it mislead me. It lacks the taste I was looking for. It lacked sweetness and taste. 

However, I must say that the food I have eaten was cooked with passion and expertise. There was no regret eating in this place. Aside from the great food, the God-given wonder of nature is also a bonus. I can say it was a total tummy satisfaction.


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10 [Daraga] ▬ Enjoying the Food, Enjoying Mayon Volcano

  1. province ng mom ko bicol pero i've never been here. :(

  2. Pancit!!! Super miss ko na ang pancit! It's been ages since I've had home made pancit! Excited na akong umuwi ng probinsya! haha

  3. Looks good! (yummy and place) I especially like the shot of the bell tower!

  4. I've never been there but I'm up for the adventure now haha

  5. Eat while you enjoy the view. The Mayon is really breathe taking no wonder it is one of the Philippines best tourist attraction.Love the place ,love the pancit and that makes me hungry.

  6. Wow. Im a Bicolano. Been here many times. This is at the side of the church d ba? The place is very scenic. I enjoyed having a bottle of beer while watching the surroundings. :) Nice post. :)

  7. i'm from Cam Sur but never eaten there, i guess u ordered a special pancit we called pancit Bato (made not from stones but from a town called 'Bato')...

  8. @yuuki:
    You're giving me an idea. Hmmm that's interesting.

  9. You have a perfect perspective with this..
    I've only seen Mayon from a distance when I went t Caramoan..
    The boat ride from Sabang Port to Caramoan allows us a long distance view of the perfect cone of Mayon..
    Really beautiful!
    The eat here is a worthwhile experience

  10. i've been to Legaspi and Naga before but never had the chance to see majestic Mayon. So when I see photos of Mayon, naiiinggit ako!

    just wondering, is there a special pansit for Bicol Region?


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