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"The Bangus Sisig was placed on a hot sizzling plate but when I tasted the food OMG, it was cold!"

Palagutom Kid did not eat his breakfast and even lunch because he has decided to dine somewhere in the town of Narvacan in Ilocos Sur. Skipping two meals, could you just imagine how I crave for food and I am expecting to eat a lot in Narvacan this time because of my hungry condition. I found Mang Inasal branch at the Narvacan Mall in Narvacan, Ilocos Sur.

I was also very thirsty and I was craving for any ice dessert especially their halo-halo which is my favorite. My expectation to have a voracious appetite turned to be a misery from the time I started ordering food.

I ordered Pork Sisig with unlimited rice (99pesos) but the lady at the counter said in vernacular, "It is not available." Well that was fine so I ordered another food.

Next, I am craving for the halo-halo and the lady said again, "Sir our ice crusher isn't working." I raised my eye brows and looked around, uh, everyone is eating halo-halo and how come the ice crusher isn't working to me!

So the lady asked me, "What is your drinks sir."

"Just give me service water," I replied in irritated mode. So what is the use that I am going to order those drinks she was offering the fact that there is no ice crusher? Better drink water.

After I ordered the food the lady again asked me if I am willing to wait for the food for 8 minutes. I agreed with her.

After 15 minutes, there was still no food and I am so hungry since I skipped two meals just to have huge appetite in this town destination where I am now being a traveling gutom.  

What else? Since I am very thirsty, I went back to the counter to order sorbetes (19pesos, I ordered 2) but I was waiting at the counter for about two minutes because no one ever seemed to see me and to entertain me considering they don't have many customers this time while some of the crew members are just sitting in one corner while two industrious crew members (one is maybe a trainee because he wears white shirt) are busy cleaning the tables and serving food!

After about two minutes of waiting at the counter, the lady asked me if I have 3pesos because my money was 100pesos, for that I will give 103pesos and she'll change me with 65. I said, I have nothing so she just gave me 60pesos and marked my receipt with number 2 and she encircled it so I am expecting that they will hand me the two pesos later on.

 After waiting for 20 minutes from what they had promised as 8 minutes, our order came. I ordered Bangus Sisig instead and Pork Liempo for my brother.

The Bangus Sisig was placed on a hot sizzling plate but when I tasted the food OMG, it was cold! So what the heck they gave me a sizzling plate when the only one that is hot is the rice and the bangus sisig is COLD!

I just enjoyed the food and there is no way of turning back since I am ultra-hungry. However, I love the bangus sisig but it was just ironical that it is placed on a hot sizzling plate "with matching steam" yet the food is cold.

Before leaving the restaurant, I was waiting for the two-peso change but no one came to give it to me after an ample time of waiting :(


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21 [Narvacan] My Misery and Disappointment at Mang Inasal Narvacan

  1. Oh my goodness! I used to love Mang Inasal, pero biglang bagsak ng quality ng food at service nila. :(

  2. wow. what poor customer service. :(
    pero what i hate most talaga is when almost everything in the menu is not available and then they still piss you off with something else like forgetting the change etc...

    followed you by GFC. hope you follow back. :>

  3. Unacceptable yan bro! Grabe. how can that be? baka naman galing pa sa freezer un pero nilagay na lang diritso sa heated plate.

  4. My take - You should have filed a complain when you were there at the time. That is unaceptable and there is no way i let this go. And the customer service? Well, nakaka badtrip!

  5. di din pede sa kin to! pang inis! hanapin ko manager at mag complain ako for sure! o better yet.. hanap ako iba kainan...
    pero saludo ako sa self-control mo! :)

  6. you should call their manager and mag complain ka kaasar ang mga ganyang service..

  7. Jenn Valmonte, Hindi naman siguro lahat ng branches :))
    Pero this branch, I am brave to say that it is not satisfactory after all.
    Athena, true, I came here before but the service was good. I just don't know why this day it turns out to e like that :<
    Journeys and Travels, I really think so doc, preserved?
    John and Joyie, thanks for the advise. Mahiyain kasi ako kaya dinadaan ko nalang sa blog baka mabasa na naman ng mga concerned individuals. It happened when I posted also my not-so-good experience in La Trinidad, Benguet and one of the crews of that store read my post and commented and she explained about it. Blogging is really extensive! :))
    Gemma, oo, nahandle ko naman emotion ko kasi 'yung gutom ko overridden my emotion, haha.
    Noel, Next time I may do it na :)

  8. Pareng Roy natawa naman ako diyan. Haha. Ka-asal nga. Haha.

  9. gosh! anong klaseng service yon! The owner must know that and let all the staff undergo training again! haha
    - sionee

  10. This is sad. Mang Inasal pa naman is promoting their good service last year. If I were you, I would have complained then and there. You paid for their service and their dishes, so you have the right to air your side. :)

  11. I am very considerate with service crews because I used to work as one before but these crews in this Mang Inasal branch must be taught a lesson. They are pulling down the good name of the company. Silly ones. They deserve some suspension.

  12. Eeeck, I hate it when that happens -- you're made to wait for food and then it arrives cold :(

  13. Have you tried fasting for 3 consecutive meals? If not, it's time for you to start as what I've known from your blog. What a pity! You're already in ultra-gutom situation, but yet more time spent for you to wait. Well, Narvacan Mang Inasal is not the same with Mang Inasal in our place here, particularly in Bacolod. It just had the license of Mang Inasal franchise I think. Therefore, we're not going to compare it with other super service and foods the original Mang Inasal. By they don't forget my suggestion: start fasting. Training your tummy to bear the emptiness of food stuff for 3 consecutive meals every month. Gets?

  14. @Sir Gil, not yet tried at all.
    Well I love the service of Mang Inasal in some other branches here, actually Mang Inasal is my fave. This branch just so happened that it sucks :<

  15. Mang Inasal seems to be deteriorating in food quality and service. Sad. Whenever we eat in Mang Inasal, we never fail to talk about it being bought by Jollibee. Haha. Good thing there is Chicboy. :D

    -KC Canlas

  16. Dapat gyinera mo ... tsk tsk ... these fast food places are really bad.

  17. That is a really disappointing experience.. :( Usually, I get turned off 'pag halos lahat nalang ng nasa menu eh not available.. >.< And the cold Bangus Sisig is a bad sign din.. :( It's really the service that's a big problem with fast food chains. *sigh*

  18. You are fucking so maarte, maybe whre you come from you eat totong.
    Theres no problem on the food, the problem is you, you should address the problem at that time, so that they can fix it. But you eat your food and when you Finnish burping cause the food is good then you complain, you stupid....

  19. Haha! Maraming salamat po sa magandang comment! :)


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