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"...it was presented in a buko shell because you have to scrape the smooth young coconut meat to mix it with the other ingredients. As of me, I have scraped it totally and that's the twist."

Halo-halo is a very popular dessert in the Philippines and because it is everywhere, different stores are making their own twists and versions to attract the potential market for the halo-halo food. The competition is tight, so restaurants need to create something that is new and different among others to increase the curiosity of the people.

Halo-halo from Brother's Grill in San Fernando City, La Union

The Traveling Gutom landed in the city of San Fernando in La Union and was able to discover an inviting version of halo-halo in a restaurant called Brother's Grill along Gov. Luna St.

So what is new here? Well, aside from the very usual way of presenting the halo-halo in a tall glass or in a wide bowl, the halo-halo of Brother's Grill La Union is placed in a coconut shell.

The coconut or locally termed as buko is not that ordinary buko because the coconut where the halo-halo is placed is young which means, the coconut meat is soft, gentle and more to be like a jelly.

At the table is a hemisphere of the coconut and at the hallow portion at the core is the delicious halo-halo.

When I was in La Union, I said to myself that I will not leave San Fernando city without any food discovery so I walked all throughout the city center and saw brother's grill.

When they gave me the menu list, the halo-halo in a buko really intrigued me that I really had to order to see it for my self besides, this is not a mission failed because this food offering is cheaper than 100 pesos.

Well, I did not regret ordering it because it was more than I have paid for not to mention the free wi-fi and the relaxing ambiance inside the restaurant.

The food is huge that I wasn't able to consume it all.

To tell you the truth, this is in fact an emerging threat to any halo-halo store in La Union like the Chowking Halo-halo. Brother's Grill halo-halo is cheaper than Chowking's halo-halo fiesta at 89 pesos (about 2 dollars) and to note, you have to add an additonal of 15 pesos if you want ice cream toppings so it will cost you more than a hundred pesos or more then 2 dollars.

In Brother's Grill, the whole package is already way cheaper than Chowking's halo-halo fiesta at only 85 pesos (less than 2 dollars).

One thing more, as you can see at the photos above, the coconut strands are missing. Well, that's the twist because it's your job to find it out. That's the reason why it was presented in a buko shell because you have to scrape the smooth young coconut meat to mix it with the other ingredients. As of me, I have scraped it totally and that's the twist.
Eating Location:
Brother's Grill
San Fernando City, La Union, Philippines

Mission Status:
Mission Accomplished at 85 pesos (about 2 dollars)

Presentation: 10
Taste: 20
Innovation: 30
Price to Quality Ratio: 40


< 50: Needs improvement
50-60: Average (It is easy to find everywhere)
60-70: Above Average (Not your ordinary food)
70-80: Very Satisfactory (It is worth the prize)
90-95: More than Perfect (It is more than what you paid for)
95-100: Beyond compare! (Word can't explain the excellence)


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21 [San Fernando] Halo-Halo in a Coconut Shell in La union

  1. wow ang sarap naman .super mouthwatering itong post mo.nakakamiss ang halu halo.ito na yata ang the best halu halo base sa photo mo .

  2. thanks @tatess. Glad to hear from you!

  3. OMG header pa lang nakakagutom na, sarap naman ng halo halo sa buko

    Fit and Fashion Mom
    From wala to okay
    Raketer Mama

  4. ang sarap naman ng buko, yun mala-uhog kung tawagin ang gusto ko. i was able to eat halo-halo na nasa buko in one of the parties we attended, pero wala na yun meat ng buko sa gilid, unlike sa halo-halo mo :)

  5. aw, this one is the best! I have tried one here in Mindanao and it tastes great, more than the usual Chowking flare. Yan na ata nauuso ngayon eh, ung ilalagay sa buko ung halo-halo, which for me, makes it more appealing and appetizing.

    Salamat sa post mo na to! Tara, libre mo na! haha

  6. Never been to La Union...hmmm I will definitely try this things when I am there...So Yummy! Food has been my passion that's why I do not forget to blog about them once, I tasted them...

  7. I had to admit, im drooling on this one... Love the idea on having the Halo2x in a coconut shell

    Herbert of Locally Made

  8. Good to hear that you get to eat at my province's capital. I had the chance to eat there too and the experience is quite unique I say.

  9. @Ads. taga La union ka pala. well i tour mo ako next time. I'll be back in La Union

  10. Oh my god! Mukhang ang sarap!!!! Gusto ko rin niyan!!

  11. That is one cool Halo-Halo! Thanks fro dropping by my travel blog The Wandering Peach

  12. @micheatsandshops:
    Yeah, truly delicious.

    @THe Wandering Peach:
    Thanks also

  13. wishing to go to la union and have that halo-halo in buko! now ko lang nakita may ganyan twist and cool:)

  14. hi Palagutom!!!

    every Summer, halo halo is usually served sa coconut shell..and it's really yummy.. :D

  15. @myrnz
    Try to look in your place, baka merun narin nito.

  16. That looks nice! I am not a buko fan but I am sure this would taste great.

  17. @pinaywriter:

    you'll become a fan of buko once you tasted it. :-)


    Sinabi mo ba. Babalik talaga ako dito.


    Sinabi mo ba. Babalik talaga ako dito.


    Sinabi mo ba. Babalik talaga ako dito.


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